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Message From The President

We are proud to say that Alpha Kappa Psi is the world's oldest and largest professional fraternity spanning all geographies, careers, and backgrounds. As a brother, you will have access to numerous resources and incredible professional and academic guidance throughout and beyond college years. Many of our members have moved on to work as investment bankers, consultants, advertisers, doctors, lawyers, software developers, and entrepreneurs.

Alpha Kappa Psi engraves a foundation of success on each brother that steps through its doors. Our traditions seek to better one another as both people and professionals, and our enormous alumni network provides us with endless knowledge and insight. We encourage you to join our brotherhood to make lifelong friends and to experience the benefits we have to offer.


Derek Foster
President | Alpha Kappa Psi, Alpha Upsilon Chapter

a professional
personal growth brotherhood

We are a network of brothers dedicated to helping each other achieve our dreams. Through active and alumni mentors, each of our brothers gains valuable experiences, tips, and expertise.

Alpha Kappa Psi trains each brother for the professional world not only through exclusive workshops and speaker events, but also by providing real world client experience through AY Consulting.

From spectacular dancers to web designers and photographers, we make up a diverse group of brothers with unique talents and interests.

Alpha Kappa Psi is our home away from home. Whether we are tackling difficult classes, landing our dream jobs, or just craving midnight snacks, our brothers are always by our sides.

"It is time to realize we are too great for small dreams."
Ronald Reagan | AKΨ Alumnus

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